International Adoption Costs

International Adoption is expensive. We are by no means rich, but we know that God called us on this journey and He will provide in ways that our little family never imagined.

We wanted to post a list of what the expected costs are, in case anyone else is considering adoption, but please remember our fees are a bit different since we are seeking a waiting child.


Application Fee $375
Program Fee $5,900

Home Study varies by state $1300

Adoptive Parent Hague Training (2 adults)$175
Documents -$100
Background Checks – 830

Passport – $100 – for dad’s
USCIS Application + Fingerprinting Fees $890
Notarization & Apostille $350

Post Adoption Report Deposit $2,000
Adopting An Older Child – Online Training $200
Dossier Service Fee $850


Agency Fees 4,000

Humanitarian Donation=$5700

$6,000 Airfare& train expenses (mom and dad plus Willow)
One ticket home for our son! $1,000
His Visa & Embassy Fee $404
His medical exam before we leave country $60
International Program Fee (1 child)$9,500
In-Country Travel Package $4,000 (including lodging, food, and rickshaw rides)

Post Adoption Visits $1,500
In-State Adoption (Process and cost varies by state.)$500-$900


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