Ind#a Stats

The numbers are staggering there are 167 million orphans worldwide, 35 million live in In*ia alone, and that number continues to grow.

Ind*a 1,269,210 square miles, which makes it the 7th largest geographical country. Put Alaska, California, and Texas together and you have about the same size.

It has almost 3 times the population of America, and is considered the second most populated country.

The people, the country and the land are beautiful.

In 2006 only 3,332 were adopted.

Last year only 236 children were adopted.

Recent studies show that Ind*a has the largest number of AIDS orphans in the world, even over Africa.

Sadly, In*ia right now is the leader in human trafficking.

1.2 million young girls are involved in child prostitution.

900,000 people die each day from drinking unclean water.

India is considered the most religiously hostile region in the world when it comes to Christanity.

Every second someone in India dies without ever hearing about Jesus. Of 1.21 Billion people, over 1 billion have never heard the Gospel once. There are 500,000 villages without a pastor, church, Bible, or any Gospel presence.


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