We are fun loving family of five who daily trust in the Lord to become the family God has designed us to be. Psalms 96:3 says “Declare His Glory amung the nations,” it is only thru obedience to Him that we can do that.

For years our hearts have broke for the silent children our society forgets about. There are 167 million orphans worldwide and it begins with ONE family saying yes to ONE child.  There are thousands of children moving in and out of our broken fostercare system daily, each of them looking for one thing, LOVE.

We are determined to advocate for these silent children. We are determined to be their voice to whatever capacity the Lord calls us to.

This blog was created to document our following Christ to a precious 6 year old boy 9,000 miles away, it will be thru Him and with Faith alone that we bring him home. While we are working hard on bringing him home, we are currently foster parents of a precious little guy and only the Lord knows his future!

 Our family is passionate about adoption, foster care and orphan care and we pray for ourselves and those around us to truly have pure and undefiled religion that we can love widows and orphans next door, at Target, in our own community and around the world. We are humble unworthy servants who love the Lord and can not wait to see what His will is for our family.


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