Stuck, the documentary is making it’s way thru Texas right now, and then moving on to better states.

This is an amazing documentary that focuses on the political pawns that tens of million children have become. They are lost in red tape bureaucracy, each of those children have a name. They may not have a mommy and daddy right now, and they may never have one, thanks to us, our churches, our congress, and our nation forgetting about them. We simply tell families “it wasn’t meant to be” rather than encouraging them to fight. Some friends of ours have fought to bring their daughter home for over FIVE years, they keep getting told no by the highest officials…yet they continue to fight.

If you can not make it to a city near you, I would encourage you to buy the instant viewing option and watch it. Invitie your non-adoptive friends over for a party, when you live in the adoptive world, it’s hard to remember that many others just don’t know what is happening!  We can’t wait for our dvd viewing party!!

We must share awarness….the voiceless are counting on you and I.

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