Folks, what some may/not know is that In!i% is a painstaking program. It is SO similar to Haiti. Our precious friends the Foote family, have been waiting THREE long years to bring their daughter home from Haiti. Yet, they have watched so many go and come home with their children, all the while wondering when God will bring Sunny home.

It’s the same 9,000 miles away. some families blow thru the process, while others are left wondering “when?” Some have been waiting for their NOC for months and months, some are waiting for their i-800, some are waiting for CARA’s directory to be open (last month only ONE family was able to be entered), some are wondering where their paperwork is…

We are 14 months into this, and have no idea what our final time frame will be. I wish we did. Reading great news for others, reminds me that God is faithful and just to finish what He starts. He sets the lonely in families. He rescues the fatherless.

Reading post like In*ia to Appletons, makes me jump up and down with giddiness. It reminds me the race while long, is worth every.step. If you can, stop by and celebrate with them, they would love it!