Did I wash my hands?

Did I comb my hair?

Are these new clothes or did I wear them yesterday?

Why is the milk in the closet with the bath towels?

Why is there a friendship bracelet in my bed?

Just a few basic questions here people.

What was meant to be temporary, will be a bit longer (isn’t it always)….this little guy needs someone to stand up and defend him, as the previous foster family couldn’t handle the hard work it would take, so they gave up on him after 56 hours. BLESS HIM!!! We didn’t know the other family had given up on him though, it was posed in a very manipulative way, to where everyone thought we would be respite.

God is sovereign. Reef, never asked to be given up on. He never asked to be abused. He never asked to be put in foster care. He never asked to leave everything he knows. He never asked to be bounced around.

Our saying yes, makes our lives hectic and uncomfortable. I am convinced things will get better. CONVINCED. Right now we are trudging thru the hard stuff. A darling little guy is broken, and longs to be made whole.  Luckily, his mercies are new each morning.

Even thru the chaos, the biting, the hitting, and the tears, there ARE victories.

  • Going to bed, is no longer a two-hour affair, it is down to an hour.
  • He wakes up 4-5 times a night, as opposed to no less than 12.
  • With every meal he no longer says “pizza, popcorn, ice cream,” he has finally figured out the food prepared in our home is not complete crap.
  • I was able to get him enrolled in speech therapy. WOOHOO!
  • He allows me to brush his teeth, with minimal fist swinging.
  • He smiles at me, sometimes spontaneously, sometimes merely because I think he is actually a little happy.
  • He will hold my hand willingly on occasion.
  • He tried one vegetable, chewed it and smiled, without launching the bowl across the kitchen.
  • He will happily play puzzles with me, even if he tries to hide a few pieces from me.

I took all five to the grocery store one day, as I was paying, the bagger asked if I needed help out. I said no (hello people, I pushed this cart all thru the store, loaded up with two weeks worth of groceries, wrangled five kids and NOW you want to help me!? HAHAHA), anyways, he kept insisting, so I caved. On our way to the car, he said “so you run a daycare?!” I couldn’t stop laughing. This mere comment made my day, and made every single head and heartache we faced that day, worth it. It’s the silly things in life that keep me sane, and reminded that this too shall all pass. So we celebrate the little victories, and remember that eventually there will be big victories!