Several years back, I started a blessings journal. It was a difficult time and some days I truthfully had a hard time finding anything to be happy or grateful for. Those were some sad, sad days. One day while spending time with God, He laid it on my heart that there were blessings somewhere, it was just a bit difficult for me to see them at the moment, and He clearly told me to start a blessings journal. Some days it literally read “I combed my hair.”

I love looking back and reading thru it and seeing 1)just how sad things were, because I see the beauty on the other side, 2) the little blessings, that were really big blessings during that time, 3) it’s just fun!

I still continue to keep a blessings journal and I hope I always do.

Some days, during waiting and practicing patience it seems hard to find blessings, but truly blessings are everywhere we turn, we just have to choose to see them, honor them as blessings, and sit and be still in the blessings.

A few things we are blessed with right now:

  1. Since Emory was hospitalized in February and we started seeing a new specialist she has been the healthiest she has ever been in her life!! We used to visit the hospital every three months, but since then we have not been back to the hospital with respiratory issues!
  2. Baby Bug is making great strides! He may still be developmentally behind, but he is fast proving specialist, therapist, and us wrong. He is determined and we are determined to help him!
  3. Willow has syringomelia and scoliosis, and recently we went for her annual MRI and back x-rays, and after YEARS of negative news, the doctors gave us great news!  Her back did not get worse, in fact it improved a smidgen!!! Swimming was medically beneficial for her!!!! (Naturally hubby wants to claim swimming as a medical expense now! HA!)
  4. We have been pushing the doctors to do a barium swallow test on baby bug, we were right with our gut, now that we know he will need more therapy, a special diet, and a bit more, BUT he is now really thriving in the nutrients department and seems so much happier!
  5. Our family has been adopted, it’s been a while now, but over the course of the summer we have really been humbled by God’s provision.  My husband has a dad to speak to about Biblical things, life, challenges, accountability, and one who loves and treasures him.  They have two kiddos, who our kids treasure and adore and they adore our kiddos. They plan and do special things with them. Some days I am just blown away with how much God loves us.
  6. My husband has the most amazing job, with amazing people, and an amazing company, which in turns allows me to stay at home with amazing people, and do amazing things.
  7. Friends. Love them. LOVE. THEM.
  8. Little things, God seems to be in every little detail of our lives. Some days while I get frustrated with the unknown, the unforeseeable, He hears my heart and answers with something reminding me that while i can’t see the whole picture, He is there listening and loving us.
  9. God is challenging us. In America we pray for good health, prosperity, and protection, but in the last 15 months, we have learned that even if we don’t have these, we are still blessed beyond measure. For that reason, we have asked God to challenge our family so we can grow in Him. We want God to challenge us to live boldly for Him, to love like He did, to see His children the same way He sees them, to see Jesus in all.