We had court for baby bug last week, and currently I am working on putting everything in words…it will be a private post so if you don’t have password yet and would like it let me know. 🙂

I have a lot of built up energy in me right now, and with great help from our budget, that energy has to go somewhere! Currently it is going into re-purposing and re-using things around the house to update and make things newer, fresher, and well, it keeps me busy.

Our home has the worlds smallest laundry room. No, not really. It is however, a laundry room that was built in the 80’s, not in the 2000’s where size and luxury were important. 🙂

Here is the washer half. Don’t knock me because we don’t have a front loading washer, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

junk we kept on shelf above washer:)

Here is the dryer half. Whomever installed that wire shelf to the right must have been 4′ feet tall, as my husband and I both consistently whacked ourselves with it.

We thought the cheapest route would be to rip up the fabulous harvest gold linoleum and just paint the concrete for $18, but underneath was 30 years worth of glue and “just painting” would have cost significantly more.

Don’t be jealous of our gold light fixture. :). We honestly ended up painting the gold for now in the same brushed metallic finish we painted all of our door handles and cabinet drawer pulls in last year (why did we not do this then?!?!). To replace the lights in our LAUNDRY ROOM seemed unnecessary at this time, so why not just re-purpose….I did however forget to take a picture of them finished.

Since painting the floors was no longer a viable option and my amazing husband had already started demo, we both decided ripping it all up was way to labor intensive and costly. Hubs called our favorite flooring store Lumber Liquidators and asked what their cheapest flooring they had in stock cost. Their answer .20 a square foot!!!!

If you are considering laminate or wood floors we encourage you to shop there. We installed floors in our previous home with flooring that was typically $3.90 a square foot, and we purchased it for just under $1.00 a square foot…BUT you have to know exactly how much you need and get extra for wiggle room, because if you are getting their crazy discounted stuff you can’t go back.

For the walls, I used a color I already owned. I LOVE oops paint from the Home Depot and have been known to purchase a color for $5 even if I have no use for it. I LOVE to paint and it’s the cheapest way to update a room, and if it seems like a great color, it will likely look great _____.

Floors are finished! Total cost $30 with baseboards 🙂

The pre-existing shelves were simply not big enough for detergent, steam mop accessories, oxi-clean, the box (where hubby dumps his pockets), rags, outdoor hand towels, etc, and i really wanted cabinets. The habitat re-store sold them for $80 and I personally thought $160 was insane, so I kept up the hunt.

On craigslist, I found someone who recently updated their kitchen and was selling some of their cabinets, so two cabinets were purchased for $20!!! They were a light honey color (gag), and I used a simple black can of spray paint we already owned, and then used a clear protective coat (again we already owned) to seal it.

The shelves are the same shelves that hung previously, we just painted them black as well.

The sunscreen you see is kept by the garage door, so it can be easily grabbed as we head to our park. 🙂

Because I am Nervous Nellie, I requested a drip pan under the washer.

For this side we hung a smaller cabinet and hubby installed a dowel rod to hang clothes on to dry. 🙂 I LOVE him!

I saw some fun letters on pinterest that said “WASH” but I thought about how many other people have seen it and I wanted something different and unique, but I haven’t decided what yet.

Total cost of the laundry room makeover was $72 (because of drip pan my cost was a bit higher than I had originally thought), and every dollar was used from “extra” money from a different slot.  Since I have to wash at least 1-2 loads a day as a small family of 6 at least I have an awesome work environment now!!!! Maybe I will make it a retreat! HA

I STILL plan to quit dragging my feet and post our bathroom remodel we did LAST YEAR as soon as we moved in…I stink at this. 🙂