This was the question that a precious young woman asked me a few Sundays back. I was standing there with my children literally running circles around me, while I waited for my husband to finish helping with tear-down, when she posed this question.

I knew who she was, as our family has been praying for her recently and my heart ached for storm she has been enduring. I smiled, stuck my hand out and said “nope, my name is ____.” She was drawn to baby bug and began to talk to me about him, and she began to share about herself.

This beautiful young woman was adopted from an African nation at a much older age, she remembers the transition, coming here, and transitioning to a new culture. Her story is hers so I wont share it here, but I will say this, it is an HONOR to know her now, and to be able to ask her face to face how she is. It is an HONOR to sit with her over a cup of Ethiopian coffee, and her tell me first hand the things our family can do to help a child transition into our home. It is an HONOR to see her at church and our kiddos want to hug all over her and tell her how pretty she is.

It is an HONOR to see what she is enduring and how she maintains her faith. She is a precious, precious woman. It is an HONOR that she is taking her childhood, her adoption, her adulthood to give back to other children as she pursues a degree in Social Work.

Yesterday, I stayed at home with the boys as they battled high fevers and ailments and my phone went off to let me know she was praying for my boys…seriously, my heart melted.

I love how God sends unexpected blessings into our lives and how they are better than anything we could ever imagine!!!! What a blessing to be able to have an adult adoptee as a friend!!