Shut.the.front.door. Chocolate was my first love, once we separated, but it turns out our love is never-ending. When I saw a recipe on pinterest for homemade chocolate syrup, I pinned for future reference.

Last week somehow chocolate syrup came up, and I told the hubs about the recipe, he started throwing around mean, hurtful words like “awful,” “ewww,” “how good could it seriously be?, high fructose corn syrup is okay in some things.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Was this man for real, have I taught him nothing in a decade about healthy choices?!?!

I showed him the recipe and he laughed. My first love wont be mocked, regardless of the time. 🙂

Seriously folks, this recipe could not have been easier to make, but the boiling part did take a bit, offering my husband the opportunity to remind me that he could drive back and forth to HEB multiple times.

The hardest part was letting the syrup cool, so off to bed we went, eagerly waiting for a sample in the morning!

In the end, every.single.member. of my family drooled  and declared this was uh-mazing! Buh bye hershey’s, hello deliciousness!!! We have had it in milk, ice cream, on cheesecake, and maybe a few solo licks!

I plan to make some up as gifts for others, and maybe toss in some marshmallows, fruit, a gift card or a tub of ice cream! How fun!!

For the recipe go visit One Good Thing! Make sure to tell her thank you for being so awesome!