This post is about 24 hours overdo, but more on the happenings of our house later, for now it is only 24 hours late!

Yesterday, Emory turned 5! We apparently sang “Happy Birthday” so much, because by bed time she asked us to stop. Nice.

This sweet little girl was born on Memorial Day after a few scary and eventful moments where my ob/gyn called my husband and said “we are taking the baby you have 30 minutes to get here, or you will miss her birth.” God is amazing and our friends happened to be driving right by the hospital, after after hearing from my husband (knowing he was 50 minutes away) they pulled in and her hubby (a CNRA) sat with me. It was comical to have a medical professional sitting with me, telling me everything, and comforting that at least someone was with me.

Meanwhile, my hubs was driving 95 down the freeway and made it time. He rolled in and the doctor rushed him back to the or, it was a quick blur, but we were grateful to be together! Both families can joke about it now, but during the time it was terrifying for all of us!

Now, this sweet, feisty strawberry blond, has a hysterical sense of humor, loves to give others words of affirmation (which is especially helpful when a mom doesn’t feel great), she loves to sing and will sing a song all day long, if she even thinks she sees a bean, she wont eat, she loves to give hugs, and is a great big sister and little sister.

This Memorial Day was less adventurous, for her personally as we were invited to celebrate Memorial Day with friends,  but we still managed to celebrate her!

We are blessed to call her ours, and we pray she puts her trust, heart, and faith in the Lord and will obey Him in years to come.