Our sweet friend Sarah, has had a rough few months. Our family has been in deep prayer over her family and the Lord revealed to them recently His answer. When I read receive emails late at night, I knew it was early in Ind#a and hoped to read joyus news….email after email my heart ached and grieved more for her. Go here to read her story, and please lift them up as they seek the Lord for His future plans for their family.

While she is near and dear to us, this is happening a lot…yes some are being approved but many right now are not. God has a plan and He is soverign…He has clearly spoken to many of us who know we have a precious child 9,000 miles away…we are each trusting Him for His will but it is scary and hard when you watch one friend loose their little girl before she is home and another not be given the opportunity to bring her beautiful daughter home.

He loves each and everyone of His children and cares for them far more than us…but our flesh is weak…so pray for those walking the adoption journey please.