The hardest part about the adoption process internationally is the lack of ability to really tell what is going on in your particular case. We sign pages of confidentiality that you wont post anything public about your child, case, etc.

So I will say this, the enemy is fighting hard, things that shouldn’t make sense do, and things that make sense don’t. Families across the country need prayer.

One family needs clarity and peace as to what the Lord is saying.

One family, needs comfort and love right now as they learned their precious daughter they hoped to have home in a few more months passed. I can’t imagine, their heartaches. Those children 9,000 miles away are ours, and I can’t imagine getting the news, not being able to hold my child, and not being able to say goodbye….please lift them up.

The beautiful thing about Heaven is that there are no more orphans, Jesus come!

When spiritual warfare is present, it means the Lord has great things in store, but those going thru the storm would be greatly blessed by being covered in prayer!