God made two great lights, the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. Genesis 1:16

I collapsed on the couch in a dramatic tone I stated “just a few more hours!”

I felt defeated, what had a  I actually accomplished today? What did I not get accomplished? What needed more time tomorrow?

How often do we hear “just a few more hour needed in my day” ? A lot. Then I stopped and thought about it even more. God created this amazing world in SEVEN days, He created the day to be 24 hours. Not 27, not 16, 24, the perfect amount of time He saw fit for us to carry out our day. So if I really think I need just a few more hours, then I am doing something wrong.

Where can I cut something out? What could I have done differently? Where could I “save time?” Where did I waste time? Where did I not spend enough time?

I must use and spend my time wisely, if I don’t feel I had enough time in my day than perhaps the answer is to many things scheduled for one day. In this fast paced world we live in, it’s easy for us to say we have to do this, or we have to go here. We don’t have to do anything. Our family should be our priority, as well as our sanity and time with Him!

So, as the end of the year draws to a close and we get invited to this and that, and have here or there to be, I have to stop and if all my God given priorities will be taken care of first and foremost, and if my day that the Lord has given me 24 hours in will be enough time!