Recently, the children and I piddled around a 156 acre ranch, while daddy worked hard at building a two-story porch for a family with 12 foster children. We chased down cows, honking and hollering like fools. Drove down the dirt path, with reverence and self-control, taking in the scenic heard of cattle. Eventually we ended up at the river, where no one was dressed appropriately to climb down sandy banks, but that didn’t stop us (hubs is still grateful I haven’t vacuumed my car out since the beach!). After everyone was nice and sandy, we loaded up and headed back to daddy.

That’s when it happened, this city girl didn’t know how to drive in deep sand. I mean seriously who knew you could have THAT much sand on a farm?! Tires were spinning, sand was sitting, and my suburban was sitting, and I was freaked for .02 seconds. Then I stopped and remembered my awesome and amazing car has different buttons and gadgets for all different kinds of terrain. A few minutes later we were bouncing along the dirt path again.

Some days, I feel like fostering is our sand pit, and our families tires are spinning and going no where. We now have people in our home, 9 days out of the month. Since there is usually 20 weekdays in a month, you’re talking nearly half of our time is shared with someone else. The times are never the same, and the length can vary. We do school sometimes at the crack of dawn and other times after dinner, it gets done and that’s what counts.

I try to make headway in some areas, but seem to sit still in others. I used to enjoy weekly park days with friends, alas those have come to a close end because we usually have appointments. My dearest friend ever and I used to talk multiple times a week, solving all the problems of the world but alas, we can’t now.

Then there is the emotional factor. We are doing two difficult and highly emotional journeys at the same time. Our social worker for our homestudy when we did it a while back said “I had to meet the person who was brave enough to do both.” Hmm, we aren’t brave…just obediant. None the less, it is hard. Our hearts are being pulled and tossed in ways we never imagined. My heart aches to know the end result will be. There is a lot of chatter going on about things across the sea. OH, HOW I WISH I COULD SHARE. Please pray, not just for our familia, but for everyone who has a precious child in that beautiful country. Baby bug brings a coaster of emotions as well. Some days my children say the most honest things that bring me to my knees….

What’s the solution? Am I complaining? Nope! It’s our life, it’s the life that we chose to have, by obeying Christ. Even on the craziest of days, God is our All Wheel Drive, who makes sure that we keep moving. We keep going. We keep trusting. He never fails us.

So while our life may not look like someone elses, it is our life and we count our blessings. We can’t imagine the blessings we would have missed out on had we not chose obedience.