Our friends told us to go to a candy store, called Winton’s Candy Company in downtown Port Aransas. Anytime the word candy is mentioned, I revert to a toddler like state and throw myself on the ground demanding we go immediately. After all, the four main food groups are candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup. Right?

The candy store pulled a cruel trick on me, they closed EARLY on a SATURDAY night. Cruel and unusual punishment! My peeps are lucky I let them have a fun filled day at the beach and piddle around before I finally said “it’s candy time.”

Just posting this pictures, I am dreaming of another trip back so I can gorge myself on junk again. These pictures will never do the deliciousness justice, one must venture that way to taste for themselves.

The fun begins!

JAW Breakers!!!! Oh dear, I always loved the giant baseball sized ones!

Who knew they came in Christmas colors?

Sugar Coated Bliss!


Salt water taffy depot!

pace yourself my dear, pace yourself.

10….count them, 10 different types of morsels.

Remember Candy Buttons?!

like jelly goodness? it’s more like what what of jelly goodness do you want?

My apologies to the peeps who got some of these delectible goodies after one of my children, who may or may not have hanlded a few extras. Geez parents, watch your kids!

Creepy crawlers even look yummy!

Hunter snagged a few of his favorite army men!

Gummy and jelly bean station

A goldfish has never looked so appetizing!

CANDY CORN!!!!!! Be still my heart!

17 flavors to choose from. Goodness, how does one even pick?!

Not even kidding. That is a sample size piece!

pumpkin seeds with nacho cheese powder…again, THIS was sample size!

Luckily we monitored the kids as they filled their bags, so collectively we had just under a pound!

Yep, a rattlesnake in the candy store. ewwwwwww.

DON’T WORRY, I WILL SEA YOU AGAIN! Well, just as soon as my blood sugars settle down.