I’m sorry, I take an excessive amount of pictures. 🙂

Clampits? or the Many Hearts family? One has a hard time deciding.

working hard on sand castle creations.

She built tons of beautiful creations! When it was time to eat lunch…three feet from her work station, we had to force her to stop so she could eat.

as we headed home, hunter declared his favorite thing was “digging in the mud and playing with water in the mud”

this girl was hilarious! She would build something and then have her brother knock it down.

baby bug loved playing in the sand and the seaweed!

enjoying just hanging out

sweet siblings


Bill and Hunter found this little guy right at the tip of the shoreline, and hubs pulled him out of the water, it was neat to see his heart beat and watch him try to move along the sand though. He was finally burried for others safety!

Since we had to give up our beloved pets due to Emory’s allergies, we have to get unique pets. The kids researched and spoke with pet stores for weeks about care, upkeep, and learned all they could about crabs. It seemed fun to let them pick one out while we were gone!

our sweet sales lady helping us get off “Hermie” our crab. He lasted 40 minutes! No joke! Luckily we were still close to the store so we exchanged him for another crab.

Hermies replacement, D.C.

I was the only family member who had ever been on a ferry, and it was so fun to see the excitement thru everyone elses eyes!!! If you ever find yourself in Port Aransas, park in the parking lot and walk onto the ferry and sit in the viewing area. We rode it 7 times!!!!

Looking out the windows to see if they can spot…..

Dolphins!!!!  See the spot in the water between the 6th and 7th palm tree? That is a dolphin!!! there were so many of them!!! Best free entertainment for the weekend!

These little guys had my hubby drooling! The ferries stir up the redfish snappers food so they were all gathered right next to the boats! Bummer they were protected 🙂

I will leave you with this final picture that will make you laugh.. I’m still paying for it this many days out. My tip for the day is this: when one wears leggins, be sure to apply sunscreen 🙂 As one fella said “nice socks ma’am”