A few weeks ago one of our friends told us they were going to head to Port Aransas, Texas for Sandfest and invited us along for the fun. Our family had not been to the beach since I was pregnant with Hunter…so hubs said it sounded like fun.

We discussed the budget and whether it would was a good way to spend money. Ultimately we decided we would take our own food, NOT stay at the swankiest hotel around town, and lastly we don’t want our kids to resent their new brother. Don’t get me wrong, they need to learn sacrifices, they need to know that everything and every choice we make goes to bringing their brother HOME. Our children make daily sacrifices thru foster care and adoption and their little lives have changed and continue to change as a result. We are all learning as we go along, yet we also want to reward them for being such great brothers and sisters who are understanding when we say no to eating out, no to new unnecessary toys, no to junk we don’t need.

Perhaps our thinking is wrong…but ultimately we chose to go so that we could, at least for a few days, have “normal”, have just the six of us, have no appointments, no visitors, and no paperwork. Ultimately, it was well worth it.

First of all, let me just say these folks make some crazy awesome creations from SAND. SAND! Have you seen my “sand castles?” Even I benefitted from the lessons my children received!!!

They had a “professional” area that you could pay to go in and see the professionals sculptures (we opted out) but you could sneak a peek thru the chain link fence. They had an “armature” area, those folks were just as good as the professionals!!! Lastly, they had a kids area where professional sand sculptures were giving the children free lessons. So precious!

Here are some pictures of the armatures and professionals work. I’ll share some of the families fun later, for now I have to go wash the sand out of my hair. Again.

Hands down this was my favorite work of art. It was made by Willow, and it’s her root beer float. This girl will be on the professional side soon enough!

 This nail pierced hand was made by a youth group. They had a sandbucket with fliers about Jesus and happily stopped to share the gospel.

Every team was given a pile of sand to work with.

Two teams were crafty and had worker bees who carted water from the ocean ON A WAGON! Such smarty pants!

Who knew some of these amazing sculptures had wood forms?!

Makes sense.

the forms were huge!

this was the sculpture in front of the childrens area.


“April” in Paris

one of my personal favorites 🙂

I would say this was my second favorite. A sweet man playing checkers and enjoying a good burger! Alas, I like food though, so naturally I would choose a food one for my favorite.

this was an amature!!!

this was the amazing sculpture they had on the professional side. AMAZING!!!