In October, one of the Adoptive Forums I belonged to posted something about birth mother gifts made by Deirdre & Company. I popped over there and oh my goodness, they have beautiful gifts for birth mothers, adoptive mothers, daughters, moms, you name it!!!!

Pretties everywhere!

This pretty heart is only $12.50!!

Or what about this?

Don’t forget about the yoga fan in your life!

Deirdre & company is happy to work with you to make your piece unique to you.

I got this necklace for Christmas from my amazing husband, but he wanted it to say “Waiting in Faith” rather than “waiting in hope.” Our journey may seem long and unending,but  we stepped our in FAITH knowing the Lord will bring S home. They happily changed hope to faith for my husband, and my necklace is even more beautiful in person. I wear it every single day, even on the days I wear my big gawdy in-style necklaces, underneath I have it on.

Go look around here, I’m sure you can find something! Did I mention they are fellow adoptive mothers as well?