I mentioned here that we have been discussing Easter and Passover around our casa. It’s easy for an adult to nix the Easter propaganda, but despite the fact that we have never done the Easter bunny our children still ask us questions. “When are we going to buy Easter dresses?” “When are you going to get out our baskets?” (that we have filled with mundane crap they don’t need) “When?” “When?” “When?”

We speak, they don’t listen. Their eyes tell of confusion, but their temporary confusion is just that temporary. One day they will get it. They will understand why we pulled the plug. It is our deepest desire and prayer that they get Jesus in the real, raw sense. Not watered down, not dressed up in beautiful dresses, not in an egg hunt, but Jesus. Jesus in the least of these. Jesus in our extended families, even if it dog-gone hard. Jesus in our neighbors. Jesus in the stores. Jesus in every aspect of our lives.

We refuse to be the same. We refuse to be pharasical in our lives. We want new roots for our children. We want our children to see His word for that, not how a man translates it. Jeremiah 17:8 “They are like trees planted along a riverbank, with roots that reach deep into the water.” Bill and I claim this as our verse for how we will parents and raise our children.  We want our roots to be in Jesus, not in a religion, not in picking and choosing what aspects we follow. We want our roots to be firm in Him, and His word. With that comes being different in the holidays, but we lean on the Lord and we listen to Him and hear His direction and we follow…even looking into confused eyes.

We learned of a great class to learn how to traditionally celebrate the Passover Seder. For Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed. Therefore let us keep the Feast. Exodus 12:17 tells us “Celebrate this day as a lasting ordinance for the generations to come.” That is what our house will be doing.

In an effort to celebrate we have a white tablecloth, candles, wine glasses, place settings plus an extra for Elijah, sedar plate with matzah and matzah tosh. We have traditional readings The Haggedah and we will even be singing “Dayenu.” We even have a lamb shank!

We have no idea how our evening will go but we are excited to celebrate the Lamb, we are excited to celebrate the Son of God.

For Easter Sunday, we wont be dressing up in overpriced outfits, we wont be worrying about hurrying home to eat, we wont be hiding eggs like we always have, instead we are doing something different. We will don our every day clothes and do what our family enjoys doing every few weeks in the same manner we spent our Christmas day, with the least of these. Only this time instead of it being just our family there will be many families going! SO excited to serve along side others! We truly LOVE our homeless friends!!  We will be loving on those that society deems as unlovable, and admittedly even myself sometimes still struggles with. We are excited, and we look forward to doing that.

**I debated about telling people how we would spend our Sunday only because I do not want it to come across as anything more than honesty. We aren’t better than anyone. We aren’t worthy. It’s how we are choosing to celebrate Easter. Many of our friends have asked us “what in the world will you do Sunday?” “What about a sunrise service?” “Shouldn’t you be in church on a Sunday?” So rather than having others fearing our salvation if we weren’t in a church this coming Sunday, we are doing what we feel the Lord has called us to. We are loving those that Jesus loved.**