Psalm 84:11a “For the LORD God is a sun and shield; the LORD bestows favor andd honor”

Last week 1.5 billion dollars was spent trying to win an absurd amount of money with the odds to win 1 in 716 million. Crazy. Just crazy.

Saturday God reminded us Saturday that with Him we don’t need modern day odds, we only need to seek Him and He will continue to remind us that He loves us. As we arrived at this tiny hole in the wall place to fish we saw several families who were very clearly from our beloved sons country. We were all kind of bunched together in the same spot and after watching their precious boys and getting misty eyed and looking like a nut-so I asked one of the dads where they were from.

His response? Houston! HAHA! I deserved that! He then proceeded to tell me that 8, did you hear me? 8 families all from the EXACT same city where our boy resides were vacationing in the area. I nearly collapsed in a puddle of mush.

Seriously folks, what were the “odds?” That we would get a whim to go fishing at this tiny location and that all of these families would be there?!?! I have three letters. G.O.D.!!!

We talked about the city, the country and the beauty it holds. We talked about what brought each family to Texas over time and how they try to go home every few years. I watched each of the precious children and longed to see our boy with us. We talked about an insane amount stuff and the day was concluded with singing and dancing.

Further confirmation from the Lord that while our journey may not be quick and easy, He is walking it with us and He loves S, He loves us and He desires for us to be a family.