Last year was awful, the state of Texas was in one of the worst droughts in over 50 years. Green was a color in the crayola box not in your yard. This year however we have had rain and the Lord is blessing us Texans with some amazing wildflowers everywhere you look. Along the freeway, in fields, by mailboxes, everywhere.

While we may not consider Texas our forever home, this is the one month where Texas doesn’t look dead and we are loving it!

Texans mean serious business about their bluebonnets, most are convinced it is illegal to pick them. In fact the Texas Department of Public Safety has a link about it because the issue is so controversial! You can read it here. The state doesn’t even mow the medians during this time.

Once the bluebonnets start coming out, this snake is spotted everywhere.

This exact same snake has been spotted in Dallas, the panhandle, Houston, San Antonio, the valley you name it. The purpose of him popping up is to warn people of the “natural dangers” of taking pictures in the bluebonnets. He must be exhausted from his journey. We have “seen” him since at least 2009. In actuality this picture really was taken in Bastrop, Texas though.

We must not scare easily, because the children and I spent the day at our homeschooling friends 250 acre ranch exploring their land with these beautiful flowers everywhere you looked!

This is their driveway for a mile. Ahhh. it was so fun!

I will say when we arrived at “the best patch” she started honking and said “let’s make a lot of noise to scare away critters.” THAT SNAKE POPPED IN MY HEAD, and I panicked for a moment! HA

The lone white daisy in a sea of purple (okay fine…blue).

sea of purple lupins…or better known as bluebonnets in Texas!

baby bug LOVED how they felt on his hands and he kept playing with them.

Pretty bug on an orange daisy.

They really are pretty.

I had to stop for a pic by the barb wire fence.

These flowers were unique. They were at least 3 feet tall and the buds are easily 6″ in diameter. I asked my husbands grandfather at dinner what they were and he said even he didn’t know but that he has heard they are killing out bluebonnets. Durn weeds.

This is what it looks like after 7 children have sat in a field of bluebonnets.

As the kids were putting their shoes on, I told them they had to wear their cowboy/girl boots…why did I not do the same? GREAT questions! Why do my feet look short and fat when in reality they are the only long skinny things on my body? I blame that solely on the humidity. 🙂

The orange are Indian paintbrushes, and I am not sure what the yellow ones are.

Indian paint brushes

Insert sheltered uneducated person here: the above is a real life grapevine! They were all over the fences and I have honestly never seen a grapevine in real life. I found this to be cool.

Cactus everywhere along the perimeter of their property and only a few surprise ones along the exploration. 🙂

These little guys were everywhere. In our hair, in my car as we left (much to Emory’s horror), falling out of trees. Ewww.