Our life is a three ring circus.

On any given week we have one or two people stop by to check on baby bug, for his ECI appointments, or to make sure we are alive and kickin’. My children have been taught manners, patience, and respect but with each visitor all those lessons seem to fly out the window and they need to be educated again. It’s insanely comical.

Inevitably, one of them says something that only a kid can say that makes me want to craw into a hole.

We are on the phone A LOT, with either our adoption agency or foster agency and again, it is in those moments that someones arm is falling off or their eye ball is protruding out of their head and it needs immediate attention. FOR THE LOVE!

Homestudies. We have successfully survived TWO homestudies. In case you haven’t adopted, some awesome private investigators/detectives come into your home and learn EVERYTHING there is to know about you, your family (there is never enough time, paper, or tape to cover this topic!), your marriage, your children, your parenting style, why you want to add to your family. They ask your kids what kinds of parents you are, one of mine has never failed to mention the fact that I bribe them for good behavior during visits. Awesome. They take a tour of your home, the check to make sure your sock drawer is organized and no dust is on the mantel.

Homestudies are so important and BY NO MEANS am I minimizing their importance, I am convinced some families must lie their teeth out in order to adopt, otherwise you wouldn’t hear about these nut-so’s on the news.  Luckily our domestic and international homestudies were spread out over the span of a few months which kept my sanity in tact, and candy stocked for good behavior.

Then there is paperwork. OH.MY.GAWRSH. is there paperwork. I have heard of some people taking up to a year to get their dossier ready, and some even six months.  Honestly I think that’s crazy! Your given a list of items you need and most of them (bank statements, tax returns, etc) you should have, the certified stuff now days is easily ordered within five minutes. What’s the drag on for?

Binders, if there is a housefire, it will be THOSE BINDERS I save! One is for baby bug, one is for baby bug’s medical stuff, one is for our adoption, one is for grants and helpful adoption information with notes from the billion webinars I force Bill to watch. Folks, those binders are liquid gold.

Honestly, fostering brings way more paperwork than our Indi*a adoption. Take baby bug to the doctor? There is paperwork for that. Give him a drop of tylenol? There is paperwork for that. Want to cut his hair? DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT, BECAUSE BY NO MEANS ARE YOU ALLOWED TO. (not paperwork related just telling ya). Then there are clothing inventories, food menus, daily schedules, family logs, incident reports…when we had the brown eyed blessing it was all I could do to get it all done before our agency would call me to remind me that I was late. The paperwork is insane. I keep telling myself I will get into a “routine” of doing it, but that’s a lie.  My type a personality is going to loose her head.

With our adoption agency we have to take online courses (which are actually really neat!) In fact we have become such nerdlings that when we hear of classes from any agency that are free online or at a slight fee that deal with adoption or bridging multi-cultures we participate. Webinars are our life after the children are snug in bed.

I sound like I am complaining don’t I? I am not. Believe me I am not. Every little bit of this is worth it. There are no words to describe the awesomeness that comes from being called and stepping out in obedience to defend the fatherless.