Our garage sale was this past weekend. We had hunting, camping, electronics, appliances, furniture, baby crap paraphenalia, grills, playgrounds, clothes (I hate clothes now), books (again, I hate books now), countless other items, and a dog. I am still surprised no wandering children got labeled and set out for sale.

Three amazing ladies came and spent an evening with me sorting, organizing and pricing things with me. Before they arrived I dragged and tried to spread it all out so we knew what we were dealing with. They arrived to find me huddled in the corner with a brown paper bag. Luckily two of them are bossy and told me to get over it and quit being a baby, then proceeded to tell me how to get it done.

Want to see something hilarious? Four VERY different opinions on how to price stuff! Some customers bought stuff for .10 while others paid $200 for the same item. HAHA!It was more fun than I could have imagined and bossy friends make for a VERY organized garage sale! My other sweet friend and I just did what we were told!

The weather was against us, seriously we wore shorts on Thursday and it was 87 degrees, Friday morning it was 47 and pouring down rain. Despite all of that the Lord sent people in droves and we made $928!!! 

We have gotten even more donations since we closed the garage sale and combined with what we have leftover we plan to have another garage sale next month. 

We are humbled by the amazing framily the Lord has given us. Folks, these precious people gave their time, their treasures (though one called her stuff she brought me crap!), their prayers and their hearts. Every last one of them supports our crazy family and our following the Lords will, and each longs to meet S and they love douting all over baby bug. Blessed beyond measure!