Willow has been drawn to Africa for years. Around the age of 3, she started making up names and trying to call herself that, we got her twin African babies that year and when it comes time to get rid of toys those are the babies we desire to keep. She has prayed for a sister from Africa every.single.night of her life. If we see a book on Africa we have to get it. Last years VBS theme was an African safari and she was tickled.

No joke, she asked us one day a few years ago if she was part African American because the nurse who helped deliver her was Jamaican. What in the world?! She was so bummed to find out that she is as white as they come.

One of the children we sponsor lives in Ethiopia and her favorite thing to do is to write our “sponsor daughter” a letter and color her pictures. When she gets responses back, that joy lasts a long time. In fact one of our dear friends is going to be going this fall with Visiting Orphans to the very place where our “sponsor daughter” is and has promised new pictures for our daughter. She is counting the days!

I don’t have the heart quite yet to tell her one of her dear friends mommas is going to the Congo and Rwanda to speak at a womens conference in a few short weeks. I think if I told her, she just might try to sneak into her bag!!

Recently, she came downstairs sobbing, uncontrollably and after calming her down she told us why she was upset. Her dream is to go to Africa for her birthday THIS YEAR. Oh, my heart. Sweet, sweet girl. Her daddy and I had to sit her down and tell her there was just no way we could do it right now, but that she would go, just not now. We don’t worry about her age, she is years beyond her physical age, we just can’t do it now. She graciously understood.

Where did her desire come from we wonder? Someone in the family goes to Africa but we don’t see them very often and they don’t talk about it very often around her, so we don’t think that is it at all. We aren’t sure what it is, but obviously the Lord has laid that beautiful country and the beautiful people on her heart for a reason….we can’t wait to see what that reason is! For now, we pray for her, we pray the Lord would guide her heart, and we pray that she be sensitive to the Lord and His calling for her life. We pray that she not be conformed to this world, and we pray that she stay on His path so that His will for her can be done.