Abortion. It’s a choice that millions of women have made and the enemy keeps women silent. If women talk about it they can find healing and the chains of the enemy are broken, something satan does not want. Churches and womens ministry choose to sit on their hands and remain silent. If the youth ministers wife stands up and says she had an abortion, she feels she is risking her husbands job or her role in the church. If a church stands up and offers Surrendering the Secret to it’s congregation, then the church has to admit that there is a problem and that somewhere along the line the church quit being the church.

Then there is the average woman living her life not on a platform. What does she see? Churches not talking about abortion or offering her hope. People condeming and throwing stones at those who have made the choice. Why should she speak up? Why should she find healing? Folks, NO ONE deserves to live with secrets, secrets are the enemies territory and each and everyone of us deserve freedom in Christ. If your living with that secret and say you have freedom in Christ. That is not freedom, because there is still that “one thing” looming over your head.

So pastors wives, leaders of womens ministry, women who attend church, and women who do not attend church live with grief and pain every day of their life thinking of the choice they made in silence. The enemy continues to win.

Last night I had the honor of attending a viewing of October Baby.

The official release is on March 23 and I would encourage each of us, whether we are post abortive women or not to stand in the gap for the millions of women who are walking in shame and let the healing begin. No, one movie can not heal someone but this movie brings truth and light to the gravity of what happened in a court room in 1973. The mainstream media doesn’t tell the truth and sadly neither do churches, but we can shed light on what really happens in “clinics” across the country. We can help our sisters in Christ find healing and true freedom in Christ.

If you are involved with youth groups or college age I would encourage you to see this with them. For those that are heading off to college the lure of the “life” can call even the strongest of Christians. They too may one day face the decision of an abortion same with those who are already in college.

I challenge each of you to see this movie, if you are in my area and do not want to see it alone, I will go with you just shoot me an email.

It’s time for healing.

“Because of His great love we are not consumed, for His mercies are new every morning.” Lamentations 3:23

**tomorrow I will discuss the adoption side of the movie**