Where are we at with everything?!

Ind*a – about 7 weeks back we submitted an official letter requesting S’s file be transferred to our current agency. We should hear at any moment that it was approved since it was a formality!

We are working on grant paperwork and seeking the Lord to show us what more we can do, and for us to see doors He has opened for us.

Our garage sale is a few weeks away! We have such great treasures in our shed and garage! Oh, my goodness! So blessed!!!

Our agency has monthly meetings with each family individually…have I mentioned how much I love them!? It’s a great opportunity for them to let you know what is happening overseas and to ask questions. They are so passionate about helping the lonely be set in families and making sure families are ready for their new child. LOVE THEM!

We are in a holding pattern of waiting. I know the Lord is moving, we can feel it but we also know that it is HIS time. So the waiting is okay. The waiting means WE are not ready, the waiting means S is not ready, so we continue to fall on our knees worshipping the Lord and asking him to reveal Himself to us and show us what He would have us learn.

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