I promise this wont become a craft blog. Here’s why: 1) I am NOT crafty. If you make it and hold my hand and tell me EXACTLY how to do it, I will still probably screw something up. When we moved my sons window frame with mirror broke and I took out the mirror, strung up wire and we now hang pictures on it. By far that’s the craftiest thing I have created on my own. Then there was this.

2) I am not crafty.

I have spring fever. B.A.D. It’s insane. So does my friend. We both were discussing last week how there are 165 million reasons we should not be spending money on our homes, yet we were both discussing things we wanted to do. I am complacent with not putting in new light fixtures, or installing new six panel doors to every room my eye is on the prize of our beautiful son 9,000 miles away!  I still think it would be fun to change things up a bit around the house to give it a new fresh look at minimal costs.

The weather was BEAUTIFUL so Bill and the kids headed out back to do some work and baby bug and I stayed inside to work around the house. So here are some of the things I did inside:

I made roses from newspaper, scrap fabric and extra ribbon and tacky glued them to my dull tan lampshade. Total cost: Free! Interested in making your own? Go visit Alisa Burke for her tutorial. Click on the pillow tutorial as well! I am thinking of making a few of those for the girls window seat!

Our home was built in the mid 80’s and our almond light switch plate covers prove it. To update every single light switch plate and outlet cover as well as the actual switches and outlets would cost about $70. Not bad…if you are not saving for an adoption and on 2012 the year of need NOT greed! Jones Design Company has a tutorial on decoupaging your light switch plate cover here. I re-did our kitchen, living, office and master bedroom for .66!!! I am seriously thinking of spray painting the knobs on the above photo white just to bring the look full circle.We have a creme couch and love seat and a creme coffee table. I have sewn pillows over time to brighten up the couch. (See the felt rose pillow? You can find that tutorial here…and if I could make that one ANYONE can!) Still yet, everything seemed so matchy-matchy. Fishing around all my paints I decided on canary yellow. It gives the entire living room a new fresher feeling and less matchy-matchy.

In the hallway that leads in from the garage it’s dark and gloomy, yet I chose to put my harvest gold table in there as well, making it even more dark and gloomy.  Now it’s bright green and lights up the whole hallway! I am left to wonder why I have had a harvest gold table for 16 years and never changed it before. 🙂

This by far was my most favorite project I did this weekend! Our pantry was just sad looking. I think at one point the front probably came off and rather than replace the door it was nailed back on AND it like the rest of our house had a brass knob.

Confession: I did spend money on this project! I spent $9.99 for chalkboard paint and had hoped to get the magnetic paint to use as well but that was $20!!! Insane. Chalkboard only it is! I had left over spray paint from when we first moved in and painted all the drawer pulls through out the house, and then put a good coat of clear coat on it since it will be used frequently. I had painted our front door handles but after seeing such a big difference on the pantry….I think I will be taking the rest of the door handles down and spray painting them.

I plan to use the rest of the chalkboard paint to paint a chalkboard in the garage as well as on the fence posts in the backyard!! My $9.99 will go far!

Next week I will post on the projects Bill worked on including a $40 Rainbow Playsystem, a free outdoor sink, an extra 20 feet of yard for free, and more! I will also tell you how I got by on two weeks of groceries for under $40 without ONE coupon!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!