Last week as Bill and I prayed together, he prayed for S and asked God to let him know we’re coming.

Those words have resounded in my heart since then. “WE’RE COMING.” My heart aches and longs to hold him in my arms, to give him hugs and kisses, and to tuck him into bed at night. No, he doesn’t know us. He doesn’t know the Lord has picked our crazy family for him. Yet I can’t help but wonder what he thinks and feels as others leave the orphanage. He resides in a special needs only orphanage, and while mostly everyone longs for healthy babies, some of these precious children are placed in families and he has watched them leave. That makes my heart ache.

I get antsy and impatient when I think of him sitting 9,000 miles away, but we’re coming. I watch friends travel and bring their precious children home from China, Ethiopia, and America and I long to pack and prepare for our trip.  It sounds psycho crazy, but I aready have a list running in my head of things that will need to be done before we go. The Lord knows the exact day, and I don’t need too I just need to keep being obedient to Him and trusting.

Our Heavenly Father is coming as well. Romans 9:9 tells us “At the appointed time I will return.” Am I living my life every day in anticipation for him? Am I sitting in a church learning about him or am I out in the world doing what HE has called me to do? Am I embracing His children? Am I doing everything I can?

Heavenly Father, help me to live each day anticipating your arrival and please wrap your arms around our son and help him to know WE’RE COMING!!!!