Psalm 89:4 “I will establish your line forever and make your throne firm through all generations.”

As I hold snuggle bug close to me I look at his button nose and see his mother and oldest sibling. When I look at his head shape I see one of his siblings. I can’t help but wonder what attributes baby bug gets from his father.

Then everything started settling in my heart. We have known we will not know this side of heaven where our precious S gets his looks from, but sitting there holding baby bug and basking in his features made my heart ache even more for S.

He’s older, he already knows that he lives in an orphanage away from his parents. What does he think? What does he wonder? One day he is going to ask us what we know about his parents. We know how he got to the orphanage but that’s it. No names, no one to pray for by name.  No one to look up one day when he is older and we return to Ind*a. We see a beautiful boy with the most precious cheekbones and ears, handsomely dark eyes, and beautiful white teeth but we will never know where he gets those.  He will grieve his loss one day, and we pray we can help him grieve his loss.

I will never be able to look our together sons mom in the eyes and tell her thank you for choosing life, thank you for making a courageous decision to place him where he could receive the medical help he desperately needed, thank you for loving him. I will never be able to tell her how he is currently doing, how the surgeries he has had in Ind*a and one day the States have made a difference in his life, that he is thriving. God can, and we pray that He will give her peace and comfort in a way that only He can. I pray that one day we can worship at our Heavenly Father’s feet together side by side with the precious people who share our son.

It’s so humbling to think that we were chosen to have such a beautiful handsome boy.