I have the amazing privilege of being on part of the Chosen volunteer team and we would like to know what products YOU wish you could purchase either at the marathon or thru the online store!

What products that declare you are are Chosen by Christ, or that your child has been Chosen would you like to purchase?  T-shirts? Long-sleeve shirts? Tote bags? Bracelets?

So here is the deal, I am offering a giveaway of a $25.00 visa gift card, and who couldn’t use a bit of FREE money!? If we have a huge response, I may even do two gift cards! 

For each of the following that you do your name will be entered into the drawing, so you could have up to three entries!

  1. 1)leave a comment in the comment section of product/s you would like to purchase.
  2. 2) blog about it (make sure you leave your link in the comments section)
  3. 3) facebook/tweet about it (make sure to tell me you did this!)

Deadline is February 10!

I know that each of us have probably thought about things we wish we could purchase in the adoption community so here is your chance!!! Not part of the adoption community but have a great product idea, I would LOVE to hear it!

Excited to see what great ideas you all come up with!