Oiy, this month stunk.  Royally. Okay not royally, but it was definitely not the beans, rice and cornbread kind of month I had invisioned.

Since we went on vacation the beginning of January, my gracious hubby had included some “blow” money into our trip and we actually came home on top! WOOHOOO!

I made us eat everything in the house leading up to us leaving, so I came home to an empty pantry, fridge and freezer and had to re-stock them but did not break the bank in doing so.

Hubs enjoyed a fun four day, three night stay at the hospital. So again, we drove all over town depleating my suburban of gas and using up money we did not plan to use. He is fine, he had a spider bite (doctors all assume it was a brown recluse, but I REFUSE to believe that) that was not treated correctly at the first local non-hospital place he went to so it got crazy out of hand. He is well and healing at home.

Satan hates adoption and budgets…and families trying to make wiser choices. We would rather be under attack then breezing along in life, when your under attack you are in Gods hand which is a blessing!

We said no to lots of things…we chose to be purposeful on a lot. In the end. I am not sure if the whole month was blown or if it just did not go the way I invisioned.  Either way, I am hoping that February will be AWESOME AND AMAZING!