It’s been a while since I have given updates so here it goes:


When CARA first “re-opened” they asked that no new dossiers be sent in because they were back logged. Well, I am happy to report that they are FINALLY open again and accepting new dossiers! This is incredibly exciting! Praise God that there are families who feel the Lord calling them to call one of these precious children their son or daughter and they can now jump on board!

We have caused lots of confusion with why we had to find a new agency…quick summary. The agency who originally had his file made the choice to finish processing the families who had already been with them and were further in the program but decided that their agency would no longer process adoption out of certain areas (including the one where our son is). The hunt began for an agency who would take on the difficult challenge and “issues” that have been prevalent in the past in this particular state. HOWEVER, our agency ROCKS! We get weekly to bi-weekly emails and updates and the staff is amazing!!!!! UH-MAZING! So, so blessed. If you want to read more about our excitement go here.

With that being said we are nearly done with all of our paperwork and pray everything can be finished in a timely fashion.

We have an amazing homestudy agency whose heart and passion is for seeing children finding forever homes so their fees are literally half of what some agencies charge. ALL God!

We have begun collecting donations for our upcoming garage sale. We have been humbled and blessed by how many people have generously given us items to sell! We have above range microwaves, armoires, infant car seats, lamps, hunting blinds, chandeliers, TOOLS! Literally, a precious family gave us an entire “mans garage set!” So unbelievably humbled by others and how excited they are to help bring our son home. We pray blessings over each and every one of them!

Our agency continues to tell us it could be 18 months – 24 months … but we do not operate on a flesh time-table, but rather that of our Lords. We see the blessing behind the timing, even if our hearts ache to have our son and brother home.

Foster Care Baby:

Oh, how I wish I could say and tell so many things…a friend of ours is a foster mom and when she blogs about her foster child, those post are password protected…we may give that a shot in the near future.

For now I will say that he is the happiest little baby! All of the children have been sick with upper respiratory stuff and snuggle bug caught an ear infection, this is the first time that we have seen a teeny weeny fussy baby. We are on the mends and the happy baby is beginning to be fully seen again!  We have a hearing in February…on our anniversary actually. Until then, we will continue to love on this precious little baby and considered ourselves blessed that for today the Lord has put him in our lives.