As we were settling in for the evening I happened to check my email, and there on the very top was our programs coordinators name and the subject line said “at long last…photos!!”

Be still my heart!

It felt like enternity as the email and files opened.

There before us stood THE most handsome boy in Ind*a. It’s true, we have him! His smile lights up the room! He had the most adorable pair of NEON ORANGE sandals on, and we chuckled as that is so something we would buy for our children to wear!

In the other picture he is sticking his tongue out! It appears we may have a livewire, which is totally great because he will fit well with Emory and Hunter!

Pictures seem like such a simple thing, but to our hearts they are the only connection between him and us right now.

He doesn’t even know that she was taking his picture to send to his mom and dad, but yet his smile and his heart shone thru the picture and we are so grateful!

After we finally stopped staring at his darling face we started reading the report….”did you see his birthday?” “hmm”

The first agency reflected that he was five and would be turning 6 soon, but our new oh-so-amazing agency, who got their information from the amazing orphanage itself stated that with his birthday he is actually SIX and will be seven in a few months.

Then our hearts hurt. Bad. We lost almost 18 months. That means that he was an orphan for an extra 18 months. Time without a mom and dad. Do not get me wrong, where he is, he is loved and the director is AMAZING, but he is still an orphan. We were both very emotional over this, and we sat and marinated in the information for a long while.

We cried out to the Lord, knowing and trusting in HIS plan. We were reminded that he may be 8 or 9 before he comes home but that he will be HOME…with a mom, dad and siblings who love and treasure him. We will have the rest of our lives to love and adore him and teach him about the One who made him. The thought of that can bring this momma amazing peace!

The Lord promises He will not leave Him as an Orphan and that He will come to them.

We are trusting in that. We are clinging to his promises.

Now to see if C#RA accepted dossiers that were sent while they are still “closed” ….