Psalm 30:2 “Lord my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me.”

I promised a book review this week, and I had hoped to have it done today…but it will come as soon as we gain ground around here.

Willow was admitted to the hospital last week and earned herself 4 days, 3 nights stay at the local hospital. The day before she was admitted Bill and I sat on her bed and prayed over her. We prayed for divine healing, we prayed if it was His will that she wake up okay and not need to go to the hospital. We put her in His hands, we gave our daughter to Him and we knew whether she was healed or admitted He had a plan and we rested in that.

The next morning when Bill went to check on her, the Lord made it clear it was time to go. A gracious friend met me at the hospital WITH breakfast for my children at the crack of dawn and eventually took Emory and Hunter to her house . Baby bug stayed with me, and hubs came as soon as word got settled.

We are blessed with the most amazing Framily (friends that are family). Sweet Willow had visitors, phone calls from her parents friends AND her own, nurses and the doctors fell in love with her and we saw what a blessing her stay was to her and so many others. One nurse in particular caught her heart. When she realized that she did not get to tell this sweet night-shift nurse goodbye she cried….so we plan to go back and give this sweet nurse a proper goodbye! We sat grateful to the Lord for making it clear that she needed to be there, but being gracious to her and helping her stay not be a scary and an overwhelming one for her.

We drove back and forth multiple times a day swapping kids here and there, getting Willow what she requested from home all the while praying and praising the Lord for what He and only He could do to her body. One of us was with her at all times so it made logistics a bit hairy at times. Her siblings missed her terribly and had the hardest time leaving her at the hospital and not understanding why she was staying there for “so long.”

New Years Eve we had grape juice and made toasts on the hospital bed and laughed about how un-traditional it was but how much fun it was. New Years Day started off great with news that she would be coming home! Despite the fact that she was enjoying playing Wii, drinking fanta, having room service, and being able to push a button to make everyone come running, she was ready to come home.

There are no words to describe what it meant to have everyone at home and under one roof. New Years Day she requested tacos and movie night, and it was beautiful. We are so, so blessed!

Needless to say, these first few days we plan to figure out a new routine and get settled back in, THEN I will write my review! For now, I am off to hug my children and praise the Lord for His healing rain!

***Sweet Willow has asked us to only tell a few select people what was wrong. In fact her friends called only because they knew she was in the hospital and same with our friends! I love to see the body of Christ coming together even if they don’t have “all the information!” While some no doubt told others without asking, we are choosing to respect her wishes and her privacy, but I am happy to say she is FINE and there is no need to worry!!!***