We do not consider ourselves to be lavish people. We do not have a 9,000 square foot home and drive cars that cost just as much. We have paid off nearly all of our debt with the exception of our student loans and my suburban. We are working hard at getting these three things down and gone.

Regardless we still  have stuff. Lots of stuff. Too much stuff.  Therefore, we have enlisted 2012 the Year of Need Not Greed!

For me it could be a cute hat I think would look fabulous with my paisley heels and brown rosette shirt. For my kids it could be another shirt that was too good of a deal to pass up. For my husband, it could be eating out. All of this stuff adds up to things we do not NEED, but rather we want. We have a vacation that we paid for months ago coming up. Then in a few months I will be flying to the east coast to drive back here with my friend and her four children, which we have paid for already. The rest of the year we plan to scale back as much as we can, only buying what we truly need. We have sat down and written down the things we would like to scale back on but not completely wipe off the budget, like eating out once every 4-5 weeks, one fun day trip semi-annually, and date nights. Sorry dates are too important to not cut out, our children need healthy parents with a healthy relationship.

We already have the most ugly-beautiful spreadsheet you have ever seen. My husband is a FREAK when it comes to it, seriously you could spend $1.17 at target and it will be on the spreadsheet. Getting side tracked, but once I was literally walking out of Target and had not made it TO the parking lot when he called to say “you spent $___ what all did you buy? I love him for it, even if I hate budget meetings and being forced to look and talk numbers.  I have come to love tolerate these spreadsheets as I have seen our debt be snowballed and we get closer to the light at the end of the tunnel.

First and foremost we want to remember that our finances are not really ours, they are the Lords. Are we doing everything He calls us to do with our finances? Is there more we could be doing? Have we missed blessings in the past because we were neglectful? (we know the answer!)

Second, we want our son home, and while the length this journey is going to take is not up to us, every dollar saved is another dollar that will go towards him coming home. Every dollar saved could be a dollar that will go towards our orphanage donation, or Willows airline ticket, or naan while we are in Ind*a!

I will admit this is going to be hard for us and we may be tweaking things as we go along. Our house was built in 1986 and when we moved in had the original wall paper and light fixtures. We have done a lot of inexpensive updating (will post on those next year!) but there are a few things we “dream” or doing. Not need to do, dream of doing. I know I wont mind passing up a fabulous pair of earings, but staring at the hideous brass globe light at the top of the stairs will be where I practice the most self control!!!

What do we have that we no longer use/need/want? Let’s gather it all up and have a garage sale!

We want to be honest in our plans and plan to give reports (not numbers) just “oops I fell of the track”, or woohooo we bought nothing this month” because it is our deepest desire to have accountability in our actions and our friends will keep it real with us so why not expose ourselves to bloggy land for y’all to keep it real with us?!

It’s gonna get crazy but we can not WAIT to see what the Lord is going to show us over the next year and how He is going to stretch us in the coming months!!!