Tomorrow is Christmas. With that, our family rejoices that our dearest friend made it home from deployment less than 36 hours ago! We rejoice for his four precious girls and his rockin’ wife.

The kids and I have been baking cookies all week and I loved having three little helping hands and one set of eyes watching me from his bouncer and I got lost in dreamy land wondering what it will be like to have a precious pair of dark brown hands helping me. 

On this rainy Christmas Eve we are doing something that is new and different for each of us. We are heading to a local nursing home to visit the shut-ins. Just as orphans are forgotten by the world, so are these precious elderly and even our family has neglected them and not treasured them for the amazing treasures they are. So the Lord is stretching us in a new way!

Tomorrow, we plan to drive around to local business and the zoo and take all these cookies to the people who are working on Christmas day and would rather be at their home. We will have an empty seat in our car and we will wonder what it would be like to have “S” in the car, laughing and talking with the rest of the crew.

We bought S a stocking, and we long for the day that we can fill it with socks, journals, writing utensils and see his face light up. Of course he does not have a stocking in Ind*a, nor does he have a tree so it may be a few years before he quits thinking we are bizarre and joins in the fun!
He is in an amazing orphanage run by some amazing people and NO DOUBT they will be discussing the true meaning of Christmas, but still our heart aches. We are truly a family from afar.
He has no idea the aches we feel, how much love we have for him, or how many prayers are said on a daily basis for him.
Our timeline is in the Lords hand. He knows if S will be home by next Christmas (so, so doubtful) or even the next. We rest in that and we trust in His will and plan, even if our hearts ache and hurt to have him home so we can love on him and show him just how bizarre we are!
Our Heavenly Father sent His One and only son to this earth so that we could choose eternity with Him. How often we loose sight of that during this crazy season
So on this Merry Christmas we pray that we practice patience and trust in the Lord for His timing.