I giggle at the amount of emails and texts I got over my post, but the wrath of Santa is too big for some to comment. 🙂 I am going to re-visit the Santa word one last time, I will let it rest…for 2011.

I have a very dear friend who has felt convicted over Santa for months, she silently sat by and prayed asking the Lord to move in her husbands heart or hers so there would be Christmas peace. Last night she called and said “we did the deed” and in the end she ended with “the truth will set us free.” She blogged about her conviction on the heritage and legacy of Santa here.

For fellow adoptive moms, my friend Cristie writes about the thoughts that have begun to float around in her head regarding Santa and adoption. She writes:

How do you reconcile that your 3 children have always had Santa bring them goodies each year and yet next year, your child from Ethiopia may stop and wonder where Santa was in his life … I mean, all those cute TV shows talk about Santa taking goodies to kids all around the world who have been “nice”?  Did Santa just forget him?  It’s just something that is rattling around in my heart.  Even if he never asks … you better believe my other kids will.  And well, what if they don’t either … is that a free kitchen pass to not stop and really take a deeper look at the way we do things?

Read her full post here.

I am not forcing anything on you, just wanted to give some of you more to ponder. Both of these ladies convicted me and my heart asking me whether or not we are doing enough to make sure our children know Jesus not just at Christmas but year round.

Come back next week to read about the changes happening in our casa.