Baby bug is nearly three months old! Hard to believe we got a tiny 5 lb little guy on that amazing day we said ‘yes’, he has come SO far and I thought it would be fun to update about him.

The sweet little guy has had croup for weeks. Emory got it first and despite my germaphobe treatments she still managed to sneak in a few hugs and kisses on him and he caught it. He slept in the bouncer for two solid weeks because of all the junk in his lungs. We ran the humidifier, steam showers, the works and his little body could not kick it. We finally took him to the e.r. (again) and they gave him a strong steroid. Praise the Lord he started doing better within a few days!!

Baby bug has begun E.C.I. (early childhood intervention) here in our home a few times a week. He tremors a lot and is very high tone, all of which is due to the drugs that were in his system in the womb and at birth. They come out and do cute little exercises with him like riding the bike,  stretch and grow and more.

We have heard wonderous things from others about the difference E.C.I. so we are praying that proves true for baby bug as well.  We have been told the next 18 months will show what delays he will have, but the truth is some don’t show up until they are school aged.

We got baby bug at 6 days, and the first thing we noticed about him was his hair. He had SO MUCH OF IT!!! Our children were bald for the first year of their life and we were mesmerized by his hair, too darling! Well, two months later his sweet little head is growing into his hair! He is a very small baby based on dr %, but everyone assumes he was a premie so regardless he is growing at a healthy stable rate from when we got him.

We will have another visit with his sisters in the next few weeks, and I am praying this time I don’t bawl the entire time.

There is so much I would like to say that stems from rattling around in my head and heart but at this point and time I can’t. I can say keep praying for mom. The Lord has laid her on my heart in a big way in the last few weeks. I wish we could talk to her and see her. I would love to show her the love of Jesus and show her what life could be like free from addiction, so I pray the Lord would send her someone and I pray that Satan be bound so she can hear.

Baby bug has the sweetest disposition! When he first begun to laugh he would only smile for me, and I am not gonna lie that made my day. I KNEW I was his favorite! Yeah, right!! Alas, now he smiles and laughs for anyone who will give him the time. You can’t beat a baby laugh!!!

I don’t like hearing the medical world label him a “drug baby” it stings e.v.e.r.y. time I hear it. I don’t want him carrying that label for life. Yes, he was and is a drug baby but I want him to be known by his name, for his identity, and for the person the Lord has in store for him. With that being said, being a “drug baby”  is part of who he is, and it is part of his testimony, just like being a foster child, but “drug baby” seems so harsh. I’m working on this with the Lord. It’s my issue I have to address but with the Lords help He will help me get over it.

Our children think he rocks. Everyone wants to volunteer to change his diaper, hold him or feed him, and when told no fits are thrown. One day we were up at the church assisting with packing the Operation Christmas boxes and one of the pastors secretary asked to hold him after washing her hands. She made the comment “I could just take him home,” and Hunter went bananas. He followed her up and down the hall with a look of concern and kept telling her that “she was not taking him home, he was HIS baby.” I think it was at that point that we all realized how attached even Hunter was!

We don’t know what the future holds for this little guy, but we have been reminded time and time again by friends who have gone this journey before to focus on him. To focus our attention on loving him, taking care of him, and providing his needs for him, not to worry about tomorrow, not to worry about the next court hearing, live in today and live in the moment.

I think some days it is harder on our family with him than the brown eyed blessing because she talks about her siblings, she talks about her family and parents, we know her heart and her desires and he is far to young for that. So we pray that the Lord would lead us, guide us and prepare our hearts for whatever lies ahead. We never said yes because we wanted an easy journey we said yes because we are following Him. His plan and His will for our family and life are far better than what we could ever dream up, so we rest in His promises.