Determined to have a successful VBAC my doctor let me carry Hunter until I was 42 weeks. Did you hear that? Yeah, both girls came at 37 weeks and weighed 6.10 and 6.11, five extra weeks can make a huge difference. 9.2 ounces kind of difference. No VBAC for me, and this momma was grateful!The anesthiologist joked that he hoped we brought toddler clothes. Nice.

He captured our hearts immediately. Oh, little boys. SO FUN!

Today Hunter turned 3. He woke up and said “I’m finally four!!!” Sweet boy wants to be as big as his sister! Low key day but he had great fun playing with his new guns, woody doll, and of course a repurposed purple dyson. 

Our sweet friends owned the dyson and whenever we would visit their house that was the only toy he would play with. A few months back she called to tell me their daughter said she was done with it and wanted to know if she could set it aside for him. HUGE HIT! The boy hasn’t stopped vacuuming!

This boy has rocked my world in so many amazing ways! He has taught me that guns are hip and cool, so cool that any and everything is a gun. e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g!  That everything deserves a high five, people in general should be laughed at because everyone is funny! If it is moving we should pretend to shoot it. He has taught me how to have gun wars. THIS FACT ALONE, means that he has rocked my world, I swore I would never have gun wars or that my children would play with play guns.  HAHAHAHAHA! OH, that funny things moms will say in ignorance!

I pray that he would be sensitive to the Lord’s voice and that he would follow it. I pray that he learns from his fathers mistakes and that he follows in his fathers footsteps being a godly man. I pray that as his parents we are able to encourage, teach, and help him as he grows up and that we instill in him what matters most in this world and that we live it out so he grows up to live it out as well.

Happy Birthday sweet boy!