“My heart rejoices in the Lord,” 1 Samuel 2:1

So excited to hear from our new amazing agency! Oh.my.goodness! I LOVE THEM! Truly such a difference from where we were!! I love seeing God work! I love seeing an agency that loves God, loves His children and loves working hard to get them home!!!

Their social worker had great news from her trip to Ind*a and with that came new updated medical information and pictures and news that they can work with us to bring him home. 

Did you hear that? I didn’t think you did. After being stuck in limbo of waiting for new laws to go into effect, waiting to see if our previous agency would continue to process adoptions from S’s region, waiting to find one who could, waiting, waiting, waiting we got AWESOME, OUTSTANDING, INCREDIBLE NEWS!!! All praise to Him!!!

 AMAZING! Be still my heart!! I am quite convinced we have the most handsome boy 9,000 miles away who at this point and time has no clue what is actually happening or what will be happening!

We have been in this lull for what has felt like forever and now we are breakin’ ground, we are moving along down the path and it feels good. I love it! He will bring our son from the east to the west! LOVE IT!

Oh goodness, if we are this excited in our house now can you imagine the excitement when we are approved for travel? Or when we can get him!? Geesh we may have a cake and balloons and dancing!

So now we are FINALLY with an agency who is not afraid of a difficult journey and they they have vowed to stick with us until he is HOME. HOME, what a beautiful word! GRATEFUL HEARTS here folks! Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say REJOICE!!!! Philippians 4:4. If I could do a back flip flop, I would, but I can’t so I am doing twenty in my head.