Thanksgiving has come and gone, it was good. OH HOW I LOVE FEEDING PEOPLE! I LOVE HOSTING! LOVE IT! We have hosted Thanksgiving for several years now and I love it! This year was no exception, at least for our family.

Brown eyed blessing got very quiet once people started arriving and I gently took her aside to talk to her. She kept telling me she was fine, but her eyes said differently. Her eyes longed for her own family, her eyes longed for the friends she has known her whole life. Reminding her she had a parental visit this week helped some, but her eyes still told a different story.

During the business of eating until our pants popped, playing games, being goofy and watching our airmen skype their families her smile grew bigger and bigger and her sadness in her eyes faded. I loved seeing the Lords goodness thru the eyes of an 8 year old! LOVED IT!

Black Friday in our house means momma shopping at crazy hours, coming home for a power nap and then getting the house ready for Christmas as a family. We all went shopping for a tree and picked out the 8 year old a special ornament just for her. It flashes and is hideously gaudy, but it’s hers and she LOVES it! She asked if she could take it with her when she left. Poor girl, she longs for home. Breaks our heart for her. We don’t blame her and we long for her to be where the Lord wills for her as well, so long as she is safe, but to her she longs for home.

We decorated the tree, complete with my husband leaving twice for more lights (we got an insanely large tree this year…) and a bigger tree stand because ours was to small and our 9 1/2 foot tree kept collapsing. THANKFULLY not on any children! HA!

We had Christmas music turned up insanely loud, danced and sang while we put up ornaments and talked about Jesus’ birth.

It’s funny how a child can so quickly become a part of your heart and family even in the shortest amount of time, so we will just soak it in with her!