Our sweet friends entered what she calls “travel hell” getting to Ethiopia, it took 73 hours of travel, lots of delays and sleeps in random hotels and unsure of when they would really land and step foot in Africa. The Lord moved mountains and got them there a few days behind schedule.

When they went to court yesterday they learned that while they were having their
“travel hell” their sons mom had traveled and gone to court and relinquished her rights to precious Z. Can you say spiritual battle?!?!

The judge got angry and turned everyone away but they were encouraged that mom had been there but disappointed they did not get to meet mom.

Last night (Ethiopia day) they passed court! This is huge because over 50% do not pass court in Ethiopia!!! We have friends whom it took 6 months to pass court and another has been waiting 5 months.  So excited that she has been able to share his precious face that we have been ooooing and ahhing over with her for several weeks now with the world. He is handsome and darling and I swear I see a bit of her husband in him 🙂

Thank you for praying for this precious family!!!