Isaiah 24:15 Therefore in the east give glory to the LORD; exalt the name of the LORD, the God of Israel.

One year ago I was in Kolkata. I was captivated and my heart was captivated and 9,000 miles away my children were captivated with the help of technology! In the morning I would sit and have my quiet time in the middle of a field and all around me there were horns blaring, cars zipping, people shouting, a true circus, yet every day I was able to tune it out to tune into the Lord. Being there was a miracle for me. He worked out every single detail of my trip, including blessing us with friends who helped Bill keep the kids while I was away. He saw to it that the money was provided, we had safe travels, and that we were blessed with in country people who loved the Lord and were happy to show us around so we could see the needs and how we could help, pray and send more people.

I saw beautiful people, beautiful fabrics, beautiful skin, beautiful eyes, and poverty in a way I could not imagine.

My lungs were heavy with pollution and when I blew my nose it was black, I had black crud in my eyes, and I felt like someone was sitting on me. 

 Every morning I would wake up to the speakers blaring the mu*lim call to prayer.

At night there were fireworks and parties in the streets (Ind%a has a religious holiday nearly every day!) that would try to prohibit me from sleeping.

The humidity was as bad as it is in Houston, only in Houston you could escape to a.c. :).

I saw children that were playing in the middle of the road, some bearing nothing but skin. 

I held a baby boy in my arms who was wheezing and gasping for air for hours. I saw Jesus in that little boys arms and it crushed my heart to leave him behind. I have his picture on my desk and I wonder if he is still alive.

I met a beautiful girl with an infection on her hand that required $2 worth of medicine. $2! Many of them do not make this much in a month.

We spoon fed women who were in their 30’s and on their way to meeting Jesus in person because the average life expectancy in Kolkata is 42.

I looked into ladies my own age’s eyes and saw gratitude behind the pain and agony of her life and wondered if she would be meeting Jesus soon, or if she even knew Him.

Our pastor helped one man one day, and the following day when we returned he was wrapped in muslin and had a carnation over him. Our team watched a gentle man who has been preaching for longer than I have been alive get choked up on the heaviness of the event.

We visited a ministry whose goal was to help rescue women from the red light district and to teach them a trade so they could support themselves. As we walked thru the district, I saw children my own children’s ages standing outside the doors waiting for their mothers to finish. All I wanted to do was scoop them up , run and give them a different life, but all I could do was smile, keep walking and pray the Lord would rescue them, pray for ministries like Suri Bari, and support them! 

Everywhere you looked there was piles and piles and piles of trash, clean land was hard to find. Literally everywhere you looked.

I LOVED EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT and KNEW the Lord had something in store and I would one day return. I look forward to returning to meet and bring our son home, and I look forward to one day returning with our son and showing him his land and his people.