Psalm 127:3 “Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.”

When we had just our three children, we seemed to draw a lot of attention. I stay at home and we homeschool so I am blessed to always have my children in tow with me. People always felt it necessary to tell me I had my hands full, to which I replied “full of blessings.” When baby bug was added people seemed to stop talking to us but watched us as we made our way thru the grocery store, Target, or even church.

Then we got our brown eyed blessing and in a moment peoples attitudes changed towards us. Instead of hearing “you have your hands full” we started hearing “tell me your story.” Hmm, what a great perspective! We are walking advocates for adoption and for foster care. People see the 8 year old not as the horror story they may envision in their minds but they see a beautiful girl, who has no doubt lived a troubled life but whose eyes light up the room and has a smile that we pray wont get her in trouble one day! They see the face of foster care in their neighborhood, in their community and in the church body. I can’t help but pray the Lord continues to use these children to stir other peoples hearts!

When I make my way down the aisle alone with five children people stop and tell me they love seeing big families! Who knew?! We have been invited to strangers houses and people we only kind of know so we can share with their husbands, wives, or families what our journey has been like and why we feel led to adopt and foster.

It makes us laugh to think three was odd but five or more is a great number!

Two weekends ago we had the honor of spending time with our brown eyed blessings brothers foster family who have 7 plus her brothers. We walked away from them and my husband said “I want to have a family that big.” WOOHOOO music to my ears because I have prayed that the Lord would change my husbands heart! After all we have the 15 passenger van we have been blessed with now! No, we do not think we will obtain a family this size in the next year or so but with time. We are young and our children are young we have plenty of time to grow our family with many children from many races and many walks of life. What a blessing!