We know adoption or fostering is a calling that must come from God but we also know that there are many ways for those who may truly not be called into foster care to still look after orphans and defend them! Matthew 25:40 tells us “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these, you did for me.”

Here are a few things that our friends (whom we are happy to call our “family”) have done for our foster children and other ways individuals can defend these precious lives in a real way without starting their own journey!

  • Bring a meal. It seems simple but to a child who has come from an environment where no one did anything nice unless they wanted something in return this is a huge seed planting opportunity.
  • Our friends bought all the girls pajama bottoms that said “sleepover party.” Again it seems simple but WE were able to tell her that our friends love our children and they love anyone who walks thru our doors because they are just as special as our children.
  • Borrowing baby items. The day we got the phone call for baby bug we had NO BABY items. Our sweet friends had it all in the garage and invited me over to raid their garage.
  • Watching our children.  Having someone who is willing to watch our children so we can go to court, do a special activity with one of the children, or even taking our foster children to family visits is a huge help and blessing. We are able to direct our focus and attention where it needs to be for a short amount of time.
  • Picking up the phone or texting. Knowing that our friends care about these precious children who are in our home and knowing that our friends are praying for us is comforting.
  • Smiling. We have a friend who thinks we are nuts in a good way but she never fails to smile at us and we know she loves us!

If your children are in school and you have some spare time or could choose to find spare time consider becoming a CASA worker! CASA workers are highly respected by judges because they do not have an agenda so when they advocate for the children it is raw and honest.

Consider sponsoring a child. Your small $30-$37 (depending on where you sponsor thru) could mean the difference of a child starving or having delicious meals. Your money will go to make sure they get an education and provide them with hope they would otherwise not have.  You are able to write them letters even!! We sponsor a beautiful girl (whom we are blessed to get current pictures of in a few short weeks!!!) thru Ground to Cup, for $34 you could make a difference. Compassion International and Vision are well known ones, regardless of where you sponsor a child thru YOU can bring them hope and love!

We know we are not walking this journey alone, and that brings our family amazing comfort.  Our friends are our family, walking and trusting in the Lord for this journey we have realized that more than ever. We are eternally grateful for each of them asking how we as a couple are, how the children are, and how they can specifically pray for these children.