Isaiah 43:5 says “Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west.”

These last few weeks have been a crazy roller coaster for our Ind#a adoption.  I have not blogged about every single detail for a variety of reasons, and I still may not.

It seemed every which way doors were closing. They were not closed it appeared to be closing.

We knew God called us on this journey for a reason, during the times when the agency who had S’s file was saying they were not going to process anymore adoptions from this region we thought maybe He was only calling us to keep fighting and advocating for the 35 million children who have been deemed unlovable by their country and world even if that meant we did not bring a child home.

When we had our medical checkup for our homestudy, they found something on me. I am still having it worked on but it is not serious. It very well could have become serious but the Lord is good and faithful and just and we have knowledge now. So we wondered if He called us on this journey so I would go in for a complete once over in the medical department.

We wondered “are we supposed to keep on?” We have met a few families who have been fighting for years to bring their children home (some 3 and some 5!!!).

S’s picture is all over our house, we pray for him by name, we talk about him to others, but there were times when we doubted ourselves and our actions. Funny how we aren’t that far into the journey and we were beat down. Satan is good like that. Satan wants us to throw the towel in.

Then we fought Satan harder with prayer. We were on our knees with friends asking God for guidence and His presence and that He would show us our path.

While we still have a few obstacles to overcome we are not backing down, we know God called us to India and we are going to keep going. What a blessing that we have God on our side!!  2Timothy 4:7 “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

God has given a beautiful woman named Sarah an amazing gift of advocacy and she worked hard to help us find an agency who would still process adoptions from this region and she found one….and WHAT A DIFFERENCE THIS AGENCY IS FROM WHERE HIS FILE WAS PREVIOUSLY TO NOW!!!!

I had the most amazing conversation with the program coordinator for this agency who has said they enjoy difficult journeys if that means a child has a forever home. She brought good news and encouragement. We will know more certain details in a few weeks, but she had nothing negative and only positive things to say. SUCH A BIG DIFFERENCE! God is SO good!

The agency will  have someone who will be in country next week verifying and making sure that they can get S’s file as well as a few other children’s from the same orphanage and what process needs to happen now. (Again, please remember this may not happen in other countries but this is all still VERY new for Ind!a). I will fill process details in later.

Whether it takes a year, two years, or five years we are not backing down, our family will finish the race we will keep pressing on. 

We have been warned a bazillion times that we have to have flexibility and patience during this process of adopting from this country. Most importantly there is ONE reason for us to keep fighting and there are 35 million reasons why we must pray and trust the Lord for His plans for these children. We have to wait and see what happens in the next few weeks before we can submit our dossier….but that is okay there is hope and light!