We had a great action packed weekend but the highlight was the Chosen for Adoption Marathon! This race was birthed a few years back by a woman with a heart for running and making a difference after having a brother who was adopted and watching several friends walk the adoption road.

Last year was the inaugural race that raised over $100,000 for orphans. This year 53 families had teams, there were more than 1600 registered runners for the half or full marathon, and while totals are still coming in it is known that more than $150,000 was raised for orphans!

Runners ready to go

This years medals were handcrafted by street boys in Haiti and participants each got a bracelet that was made in Africa. They wanted the runners to always remember why they ran!

Precious shirts were sold that said “I am Chosen,” and I could not help but buy a few in little people sizes. One lady told me “I am not chosen so I don’t want one.” We are ALL chosen by God even if we were not grafted into a earthly “family tree.”

I had signed up to volunteer in the summer, but as the race approached we decided to form a team…literally like four weeks before the race. No one can train that quickly! We did however have sweet friends who volunteered on our behalf and the day before the race our babysitter called to inform me she was running for us (when she finished the race she was smiling and looked awesome…oh to be 18 again!!!)! Next year we plan to gather a big crew to run/walk/craw the race, especially since we already have a few friends who have begun training!

It was great to talk with so many families who are walking this same journey. I met TWO families who started the In&ia program but have switched because of the disastrous procedures and how the program is. My heart broke. Not because I don’t think people followed the Lord, it breaks my heart that there are 35 million orphans the most for a country and yet they all wait because of policies and procedures.

We realize more and more that this journey is not going to be a quick one….but we are continuing to walk with the Lord!

I leave you with these banners that were made for the finish line.