Having an older child in home is heartbreaking and fun. Here are a few of the things she has said to us since joining our home that have been eye opening for Willow. It’s one thing to pray for children that she “thinks” don’t have much but it is another thing to see a child in the flesh and hear it.

  • “I miss my brothers.” (said over and over breaks our hearts)
  • “Why would you pray for someone you don’t know?” (upon seeing S’s face and missionaries who are serving in hostile regions of the world)
  • “Are you sure all of your kids have the same dad? That’s weird.”
  • “If you eat pickles while you drink milk your blood will clot and you will die.” (still trying to figure this one out!)
  • “I LOVE CHICK-FIL-A “(she had never been there before!)
  • “Why would your friends want to bring us a meal when they don’t know me? That just seems nice. “(said in a very confused tone).
  • “My favorite part of school is lunch because I get to take my lunch like everyone else and not eat the free lunch.”
  • (again said in a nice tone) “WOW, that was nice of those people to buy all of us girls matching jammy pants even me.”
  • “My mom has been to jail for ____, this makes me kinda sad.”
  • “My mom has done this _____, this makes me kinda sad.”
  • “If _____ happens, CPS will come and take me away.”
  • Upon learning that we read the Bible every night and book before bed, her eyes got big and sparkly and you could see her precious excitement.
  • “YOU DON’T HAVE A TV?!?!?!”
  • “YOU DON’T TRICK OR TREAT?!?!?” (we have decided that if she is still with us for Halloween though that we will take her to a church fall festival. While we may not be in support of them we can not completely change her world upside down)

When we became foster parents, we said no children over the age of six (for obvious reason to us), after having this precious 8 year old in our home, we will continue to let the Holy Spirit lead us and our family on who we will bring into our home. We can’t imagine missing out on this blessing simply because she is 8!