Yesterday was one of those days that when it was over I was sleeping before my head hit the pillow.

Since we are new to the public school thing, my amazing husband stayed home with our children while I went off to register our brown eye blessing at our local school. It was a nightmare. The registrar did NOT get why I was there, why I did not have a packet pre-filled, why I did not have a birth certificate, or shot records. I was being as polite and graceful as I could be given that this precious child was standing next to me. Finally the secretary took her aside and explained the situation and then the registrar was happy to accomodate me. 🙂 I owe that woman some cookies!

The nurse wanted to evaluate her quickly before going off to class, turns out she needed glasses. She used to have a pair but then lost them last year.

Walking her to class she kept saying “I’m scared.” My heart broke. I gave her the best pep talk I could but I completely understood why she was scared! She seemed reassured when I told her what time I would pick her up, who would pick her up with me, and what was going to happen afterwards.

From there I dropped two of my children off with a precious friend who offered to keep them while I took baby bug to his visit (one of my kiddos woke up sick). 

Baby bug and Emory and I headed to his visit.

My husband and I have been unclear how to pray other than that the Lords will be done.

Walking in my legs were shaky and I thought I was going to fall over. I text the case worker and she came down with two of baby bug’s sisters to get him. One said “is that the new one?” I lost it. Literally sobbed. The couple next to me AND the security guard got me tissues and the couple informed me that they have cried every visit for the last nine months. NICE TO KNOW I AM NOT ALONE!!!!

Another couple arrived who have five foster children and have been doing it for about a year they experienced their joys, pain and hardships and God was in that room!

Two more of his sisters arrived, but mom never came. Broke my heart. The children were all able to play with each other and the case worker let them hold baby bug so they could have their picture taken. What happened next I was not prepared for!

The case worker brought everyone back down to the waiting area and I couldn’t help but stare at each of them to see who baby bug looked like.  One of the girls asked if I “had him,” then asked “how I got him.” Luckily the general public has felt the need to ask this 6,982 times so I was prepared. Another one asked if I wanted their picture and I told her absolutely, so I took their picture on my phone. Then it was time to go. Seeing those precious children cling to each other, tell each other how much they love each other, how much they miss each other, broke me. Literally, stood there frozen because my heart was being ripped out and thrown all over the room. Hardest.thing.

I barely made it to the car and I sobbed. I sobbed for two straight hours. God used Emory who kept telling me from the back seat she loved me and everything would be okay.

We went to the courthouse to get a few files for baby bug and then we wanted to have brown eyed blessings file so we knew where she came from and how she got where she is.

I was still sobbing so my husband asked me to stop and see him for a bit. This has been much harder than I could ever have imagined. I know it is a good thing, but MAN I have not been prepared for all of this!!!

I raced to grab my kids, then raced to grab our girl from school, when she walked to the car she had THE BIGGEST smile on her face!!! She beamed from one ear to the other! She told me she had a great day and everyone was nice to her! THANK YOU JESUS FOR PROTECTING HER!!! Two hours later she was seeing clearly thru a new set of glasses and had a bigger smile on her face. I am telling you that girl is precious! Her face lights up a room and she is beautiful!!!

We are still praying they are able to find her a home for her AND her brothers as she misses them terribly, but in the mean time she told my husband and I both that she is not scared of us anymore and that she thought our house was fun.  We can only imagine how hard it was for her to come here so hurray!!!!